C-levand’s Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame

On my first full day on the C-tour, I set off for downtown Cleveland to catch a few hours at the Rock’n Roll Hall of Fame, which sits spectacularly aside Lake Erie. America’s Great Lakes are just that — vast, impressive bodies of water that stretch on endlessly, with ships the size of cities sailing by and waves rolling into shore just like oceans. Still, this Jersey girl has never been able to quite escape the Truman Show-esque feeling that if she sailed out far enough, she’d pierce the dome’s painted sky.


The show is completely different inside the Hall of Fame. Visitors are welcomed by a pony-tailed rocker who looks as if he finally found the only place he could put down roots after 45 years on the road.  After giving his standard museum tour spiel to a couple in front, he sized me up and said, “You want me to go through that again or did you get all the important stuff?”

I told him I’d made notes and he sent me off with an air kiss and a stage-like bow, entreating me to put on the headphones “‘cuz that’s what we’re here for.”

I spent the next two hours singing and dancing, rocking Dick Clark’s American Bandstand tribute and rolling through decades of music and trivia, easily imagining Hendrix in this outfit or Muddy Waters holding that guitar.  I was only half way through it when I decided it was my *FAVORITE MUSEUM EVER* which may or may not hold as I travel through the country.  But it sure was the most fun I’ve ever had at a museum and the Herb Ritts exhibit was a real bonus.  You can’t escape the inevitable gift shop at the end of an incredibly well-designed museum journey.  But that’s okay.  It’s going to be a Rock’n Roll Hall of Fame Christmas this year.  I’m guessing the kids will be alright with that ;).

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