The C Tour: First stop C-leveland

Right? C-leveland? Except the Rock’n Roll Hall of Fame is a bucket-lister for me, despite the grievous injustice of not inducting Todd Rundgren into it…yet. I drove 8 1/2 hours yesterday, 4 accidents that put an extra 2 hours on the trip. The sheer weight of traffic on the roads is shocking these days, but nature put on an awesome autumn slideshow over the PA hills. Such a show off… I pushed onwards to make it there before midnight (late start for various reasons), so didn’t stop to take pictures, but will have more time along the way as I ease into this trip.

I love visiting my friends, Julie and Howie. Jules and I were roommates when I repped for Scribners in the early 80s. We were laughing this morning over coffee about how easily we slip back into time — husbands, children, jobs, lives melt into memory. But enough about the Alzheimer’s.

Anyway, Day One done and dusted. Off to find a little musical adventure, and then on to Chicago, with a pitstop in South Bend this weekend. Do colleges count as Cs?

Dexter in Cleveland

Day One Mileage: 462
Gas Tank: $18.50
Tolls: $5.10 (ish)
Song of the Day: Neil Young’s Cinnamon Girl

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